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Deposit bonus main balanced
Published on 20-06-2021

Hello dear members,

Perhaps this is a common practice that most users expect the promo to be announced.We decided to announce the start promo.

Deposit$10 to $30 Get free 5% Bonus. Main balanced
Deposit$31 to $50 Get free 10% Bonus. Main balanced
Deposit : $51 to $100 Get free 15% Bonus main balanced
Deposit : $101to $200Get free 20% Bonus main balanced
Deposit Above $201Get free 30% Bonus main balanced

The Promo validation until 25 june 2021 server time 00.00.The Rewards 25% bonus we add in your main balance,
And you can withraw this amount
Please open the support ticket if you did not receive the bonus.
Best regards